Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ike Hits Rosenberg~

Looks like Ike hit Rosenberg Library, hard. First floor was flooded. Hope the third floor, history center, premiere in Texas and the museum survive.

We, the Rosenberg Library staff are awaiting word. Galveston has allowed a look and leave policy on return to the isle. But the lines are long.

Barbara, Casey and Shannon are in Corpus. Cathy and I are fine, in League City and Clear Lake. We have water, but no electricity. The other half of Meadowgreeen has power. He who controls the electric grid, controls a lot of power.

Gas was distributed under the watchful eye of two HPD cops. Thanks to them and the Chevron staff, lines moved quickly. I was behind an Asian lady, who went shopping for cigarettes, while there was a line out to highway 3! The chutzpah!

We have not accounted for one of our own, Ruth. I hope she and Mary Pat are okay. I have heard from almost everyone else. Brenda flew to Utah and is now safely ensconsed in Vegas.

If anyone has ideas for housing let me know, as most of us live on the isle. I hope we get power soon.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Evading Ike in Pasadena...

We still have power, Noelle, Mona, Alex, Jim, AJ and I are at his place on Parkwood.

Winds are heavy, and Hurricane Ike has struck Galveston. I hope the Rosenberg Library will be okay, as the island was under mandatory evacuation and the eye of the storm hits there.