Monday, January 07, 2008

Alex out for the count~

Alex just withdrew from the CMZ tournament in College Station. He jumped over a fence, landed on a tree root and severely sprained his ankle.

I'm curious to see if the x-ray technician finds a hairline fracture, as he can't even put any weight on it.

Luckily we found some cruthes for him. A had look in the attic revealed lots of lost treasures...

Hope he feels better, the pain is dissipating, and doesn't need pain killers anymore, as of day 2 on ankle injury!

Woo hoo!

Jimbo runs in the Houston Marathon this weekend.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Nabeela's Wedding in December~

Nabeela was a gorgeous bride, looked like a movie star! Her husband, Kashif was quite the handsome young groom!

They had the Mehndi Celebration on Thursday night, and the Wedding Celebration at the Crowne Plaza, in Northwest Houston. The Waleem Reception, groom sponsored, was on Sunday, at the Marriott Westchase, over by the Galleria. Wonder if this was the old Adams Mark hotel, as was on Briarpark Dr.

Met Siti, Budi and Sophie, their little one year old daughter!

Wonderful to see old UH peeps!
See full album on right toolbar, under Poom's Pics.

Pakistani weddings are soo colorful, and sooo late! According to Pakistani standard time, most receptions begin an hour after the time on the invitation!

Who knew? So, Noelle, my Pittsburg pal, and I were the first there. Got to chat with the photographer, Mohammed Owz. Benazir Bhutto was assasinated on Thursday, on the Mehndi celebration, and in Pindi, too! That's where my Mom was killed, back in 1975, 33 years ago.

Strange memories, as her ashes were not kept, post cremation, as my Grandmother, following old Thai superstitions, wanted her spirit to be free, and we spread her ashes, all of them, over an open body of water, the river. Wonder why suicides and violent deaths are treated as taboo in many cultures...

On to 2008 and many Happy and Prosperous New Years to come for all!