Monday, November 20, 2006

Tennis Freaks at Newk's Ranch!

Wonderful, tp-ed filled, tennis weekend! We arrived at John Newcombe's Ranch on Friday night, after picking up Josh, in Pasedena.

Met up with the Albros, Caldwells, Farmers, and all the Team Tennis Freaks. I chaperoned: Peyton, Allison, Lizzie, Jacci and Madison. What fun! who knew 12 and 13 year olds would be such fun! 2 hours to shower, dress and get makeup on... talk, talk, talk... then, the toilet paper wars.. first Casey, Alex and Josh's room, then Brendon, Hunter, Josh and Vivek's casita.. then the Sammy, Bianca, Haley room.. stolen bras and underwear...endless phone calls and... they got up promptly at 6 am! eat, got out to the courts, won 4 matches, close tie-breaker.. mixed doubles of course, and won by 1 game, to bring the SE Houston 14s to the finals!

I did manage to take down some boys on the semi-clay courts, not quite the red clay of Roland Garros stadium, but... good enough to slow the ball down, compared to hard courts.

Thanks to Jim for chaperoning the boys, coaching all day Saturday and Sunday... and driving us!
What a wonderful Dad and husband!

Here's a shot of my Chicitas next to our casita! and the whole enchilada... Team Tennis Freaks!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Alex's Tennis Weekend


Alex played in his first 16 year old Champ Zone, and did well! won one, lost two matches.

Had a hard time, as was pretty sick from that germ filled weekend with Chase, Ian and the rest of his gang.

Got to the third round of the consolation bracket, and beat a 17 year old to get there!

Now we're home getting ready for work and school tomorrow.

On a side note, i have a throbbing headache, and a busted blood vessel in my right eye. If it doesn't subside, may go to doctor tomorrow. The blood spot is tiny, looks like a pin prick on a white cloth, my eye...


Loi Kratong~Full Moon Floating Festival

Here are some pics from Loi Kratong, last couple of weekends ago... time flies. My friend, Sue Powers, singing Thai Karaoke, onstage, and Alice, with Joey, carved melons(thai craft of fruit carving, from Royal Palace tradition), and the kratong, loying on the water, with candle and incense sticks.

Nancy and I had a pretty good time, eating our hearts out, so much food, so little space... som tam, noodle soup, fried oysters, and all kinds of desserts, best of all... custard and sticky rice with coconut milk and durian! and... kanom krok!

Oct. 18th or so...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Taking back the House!...Senate and Governorships!

Finally, me and all my friends are celebrating! We're no longer in the minority, and 6
years of this Republican dominated nightmare... is over!

Celebration time!

at UU, Unitarian Universalist church, BAUUC, we're starting a Peace Covenant group, which I
hope will gather momentum. I need to get back in contact with the BAND, Bay Area New Democrats and it's a "whole new world" for us Dems.

Loi Kratong is over, the Full Moon Floating Festival, and I attended with Nancy, my UNT classmate, along with hundreds of Thais in the greater Houston area, up by West Mount Houston, exit 249 from I-45. Sue Powers, Suzy, Khun Mon and all my Thai peeps were in attendance, as well. Upcoming King's Banquet, this Dec. 5, tickets are 50 bucks a pop, a little too
hefty for me.

Cataloging world down in Galveston is busy, with lots of new books, graphic novels, DVDs, CDs and audio books out the wazooo!

Alex is sick, coming down with a cold, stayed up all night gaming last Saturday, which probably compromised his imune system.

Tennis this weekend, a Champ level tournament, USTA certified, so hope he recovers!