Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Taking back the House!...Senate and Governorships!

Finally, me and all my friends are celebrating! We're no longer in the minority, and 6
years of this Republican dominated nightmare... is over!

Celebration time!

at UU, Unitarian Universalist church, BAUUC, we're starting a Peace Covenant group, which I
hope will gather momentum. I need to get back in contact with the BAND, Bay Area New Democrats and it's a "whole new world" for us Dems.

Loi Kratong is over, the Full Moon Floating Festival, and I attended with Nancy, my UNT classmate, along with hundreds of Thais in the greater Houston area, up by West Mount Houston, exit 249 from I-45. Sue Powers, Suzy, Khun Mon and all my Thai peeps were in attendance, as well. Upcoming King's Banquet, this Dec. 5, tickets are 50 bucks a pop, a little too
hefty for me.

Cataloging world down in Galveston is busy, with lots of new books, graphic novels, DVDs, CDs and audio books out the wazooo!

Alex is sick, coming down with a cold, stayed up all night gaming last Saturday, which probably compromised his imune system.

Tennis this weekend, a Champ level tournament, USTA certified, so hope he recovers!


Anonymous peter said...

when was the USTA tournament? it's sunday, 16:51 EST (4:51 pm) my time, 3:51 pm your did alex do?

yes, it is a "whole new world" for you dems ;)

Sun Nov 12, 02:02:00 PM PST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, big bro! Nice concession to my Dem. peeps' win.

Alex won, got to the third round, and lost 6-4, 6-2. He won the second round, against a 17 year old Champ level player.


Sun Nov 12, 03:15:00 PM PST


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