Thursday, October 19, 2006

Big Boom!!

On the way home from Galveston, my new Chevy Cobalt was hit by a flying piece
of debris. I heard a loud explosion, and found out my rear passenger window was completely
cracked up to little pieces. The change in air pressure really scared me, so did the loud boom
and heavy rain.

It was raining hard, and I couldn't see the license plate of the cement truck zooming by me!

Giving chase for a license plate number in the heavy rain did not seem to be a good idea. So,
my double nemesis city, Dickinson, site of previous speeding ticket, last month, was bad karma for me once again. I pulled into the police station, of which I am quite familiar, and told the dispatcher I needed to file a report. I figured the insurance company might need some proof. The darn dispatcher proceeded to berate me about leaving the scene of the accident, and I had to resort to detailed interrogation on what exactly she wanted me to do, on a state highway, in the middle of a thunderstorm!! Needless to say, she proceeded to send out the officer, under my harsh line of questioning.

Thank goodness the officer was informative, and gave me an incident report number, and advised me to just pay for the glass myself, as such an accident could be detrimental to my insurance rates!

I returned to Clear Lake, shaken, and drove right to my dealership. My salesman offered to go with me to the service area, and the guy there implied I was out of line for questioning whether Chevy Cobalts have had problems with implosions due to temperture changes. Really, these service people need to get used to severe interrogation!!!

Jim told me the charge would be way too much, and not to leave it at the dealership! He was right, it cost us 150 dollars, and the dealership wanted 300. He took care of the window the next day, as the window specialist, and got the car back in time for....South Lake, Dallas, Alex's tennis tournament!

More on the Dallas/Fort Worth weekend... close to Denton, home of UNT and all things SLIS!


Blogger Liem Nguyen said...

Hey Poom, sorry to hear about that accident, damn those truckers!!!
Nice picture, by the way.


Fri Oct 20, 06:10:00 AM PDT


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