Wednesday, October 18, 2006

October Birthdays!

Jimbo is off to Huntsville, and Alex and I are busy with... tennis!

Had a birthday, got a Picassa account, and need Dad to post on my blog...

I turned 42, got a great job, and ... miss UH Libraries.

Met Jhim, from Thailand on the phone, and will meet up with her on Loi Kratong, next
Full Moon.

TLA District 8, in Bellaire is on this weekend, will be fun to meet-up with my UNT peeps.

First post in... a long time... 6 months!




Blogger Nancy said...

First post ever, isn't it, Poom? But a long overdue and eagerly welcomed one! Poom's blog promises to be both interesting and provocative (similar to Poom herself), but without the usual narcissistic drivel that is all too prevalent these days.

Looking forward to Loi Krathong next week--my second year at the festival. Thai Texans rule!

Fri Oct 20, 07:55:00 AM PDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to go Poom! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pics.

Mon Oct 23, 12:21:00 PM PDT

Anonymous pete2t7 said...

who's nancy? email me after you read this, poom

Sat Oct 28, 08:56:00 AM PDT


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