Sunday, October 22, 2006

Boys, boys, boys~

Sat. night was fun, fun, fun. With lots of boys, 15 year olds.

Alex was celebrating his birthday with Ian, Chase, Dillan, Harris,
Albert, Allan and Russel. First, we ordered pizzas... then we ordered
more pizzas...

and more food, went to Krogers and got Doritos, Cheesy Puffs, candy, Coke
Sprite, Harris wanted Vault(too much caffeine, high energy drink)... NOT.

We were up until 4 am, they had promised to go to bed at 2 am...

and Ian was the first one up... climbs through the window!! instead of opening the
door, and making noise, as there were Mardi Gras bead on the handle. So... instead
of taking the beads off quietly, he climbs through the window!!!

Actuallly, I enjoyed talking to them, and had a fun night!! I was going to go to dinner and leave
them unattended for a couple of hours... again, if anything happened to them, I would have felt too guilty. Plus, I would have been worried the whole time.


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