Saturday, October 21, 2006

UNT at TLA District 8 on Saturday

Mary hosted a great District 8 Fall Meeting, at Pin Oak Middle School, 4601 Glenmont,Bellaire, Texas 77401...

She and the rest of the team, Stephen Ring, Lynn, Mary, Ty and all the others hosted a well attended meeting early on a Saturday morning.

Now, who knew Glenmont was some obscure little road off 610??! Luckily, we were told to look for HCC, and it, Pin Oak, was right across the street. I wandered around Bellaire for a good 10-15 minutes prior to finding ... Glenmont.

UNT was well represented among the presenters and audience. Alex and Athena represented our school, will post pics tomorrow on the Picassa web album... if the boys go to sleep!!!

Susan Chandler, Banglian, Bigwood, Susan B., Kim, Sara Holland... Rosaelana had our UNT lunch table quite full!! David B's Catalogablog was of worthy mention during Steven's Ring's presention: Professional Development with RSS, How can a busy librarian stay up to date? Learn how RSS aggregators like Bloglines can help you monitor professional blogs, web sites, and magazines.

Well, my UNT peeps, we must meetup about Brazil or Black Lab?

and... we got our UNT office at UH!! It's hidden somewhere on the fifth floor!! Isn't that exciting?

I took pictures of most of the presenters and will be downloading to Picassa sooooon.

Alex, my 15 year old, is hosting a birthday party LAN. Luckily, one of his friends, Chase, has a hub and 50 foot ethernet cable, so they eventually got everyone up. Right now, only one is asleep, and they're all supposed to be in bed by: 2 am!!

It's going to be a late night, this new moon night...


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