Friday, October 20, 2006

Flood in yard!!!

Woke up to the sound of running water... and was 6 am??!

Alex could be up and in the shower? NOT...

Turns out the water pressure was low, Alex ended up taking his shower,
as I ran outside... to see a stream just pouring out the side of our house.

Checked the water main, and couldn't figure out how to shut it off?! Called the
Water Utility, and they were going to send someone over to do it. I just told them
I could figure out what a crescent wrench was, and turn it 45 degrees clockwise and
shut off the main myself.

So, called the plumber, Butch, and he worked on it for 2 hours, as the leak was at the
joint, and water would just pour into the hole he dug. Off to Home Depot to get a pump,
75$, and got the super saturated ground cleared of water and... water was hooked back up!!

Chai yo! (Hurray, in Thai)


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