Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hives outbreak

Allergy to food? went to doctor for steroid shot, and these bumps, hives and itchiness lasted for 2 weeks!!!

Started, Tuesday, sept 8, after Sukie's housewarming, in her one story, 4 bedroom new home, on Scarsdale. Wonderful Thai tapanade: nam jim: mint, yam nua, khao kua, lime, all mixed, tasted good, but, may have sparked the allergies.

pomegranite juice with lemondage, minute maid brand... or ... lime?? yikes, my fav fruit, lime!

still broke out today, been on benadryl for 10 days and am weaning myself off, now.

had an intricate pattern going, 5 bumps in a perfect row, and some dragons and elephants, so, Barbara claimed. Carol spotted the 5 in a row bumps, pretty cool, if they weren't sooo itchy!1


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