Thursday, April 17, 2008

TLA live from Dallas Convention Center

It's been a great conference, TLA 2008! Met Starr Hoffman, blogging for the Pew Institute survey by Raines, all the UNT peeps, and many more connections from TRCCG and all good things cataloging. Ran into Joe, who is now the Prez of Phi Beta Mu, something I was going to join, but... didn't have the check for 100$ quite ready... later for that! But, was so nice to see Joe, who is still in Paris, TX! Academic library.

UH peeps were there, Miranda, Diane and Angel, the Angel Librarian, UH and UHD.

AACR2 is not going away yet, as RDA doesn't seem to be ready, as it's slated to be released in spring of 2009. Dr. Moen was his usual excited self about all RDA, XML and MARC! He's over at the Texas Digital Library now, and no longer teaches our old fav...NOT...5200! Dr. Chandler was roaming the halls bearing gifts for speakers, Jurhee, Toby and Margaret all with their UNT colors, and was wunderbar to meet them!

Then, off to our alum. dinner at the City club, tonight, Thursday.

Went to the president's party, and met a fellow AutoCat-er, Scott Pipenberg, now at Dallas ISD, the school librarians.

Ciao for now!


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