Sunday, November 25, 2007

Live from Bangkok!!

Here were are at the Internet cafe, near the Asia Hotel. My cousin, Pi B, reserved the place for us.

We got back to BKK, from Prachuabkirikhan, on Saturday. We stayed at the Prachauab Beach Hotel, owned by the Chaichana family. Ah Chawalit, aka Pi Yai, is oldest brother of a group of 12, three brothers have died, and Ah Lek, little brother, is managing the hotel, with Ah Ban, second brother. He knows Na Naeng, as Ah Ban was a deputy sherif, and Na Naeng was a lawyer.

We had a great time at the Air Force, 5th wing, now open to the public, and got to feed the dusky langurs, who have golden haired babies until they turn 3 months old, then they turn black and white as the adult langurs. They're monkeys with ring around their eyes, sort of like raccoons! They were very polite and ate right out of our hands, yams and peanuts. They loved the peanuts, and would peel the brown skin off. Some naughty ones, smacked the head of their neighbors, so they could steal food. Most of them were really polite, though, unlike their cousins the macau monkeys who are very wild and overpopolate the temple downtown Prachuab, and steal bags and fruit!!

We'd just gotten back from Chieng Mai, Chieng Rai, Poo Chee Fa, and Doi Ma Salong. Peak of Thailand's mountains(Doi means peak/mountain). We saw the Hill Tribe people, Karen, Hmong etc.

Climbed up Poo Chee Fa at the crack of dawn, have great pics, from my brother, Jessada.

Alex, Jim, Faith, Isra, Jessada and I were accompanied by Pa Aree and Ah Paew. Our guides were Nung and Sutaep. Twas a fun trip, 10 hours to Chiengmai, glad we had great company.

Got back to King Park Avenue, next to Secon Square dept. store???, and split up after breakfast yesterday.

Met up with the Krainarongs, Singh ha Raeds, and Jalayanakuptas, along with the Taengwiwats. I met the Singharaeds, who I haven't really seen since Mom died, and I was 13. Na Maew and her family, along with Na Jeap and her husband and son. Nong Owb, Na Naeng's daughter, got Khun Yai Walai's family together.

As for the Krainarongs, met Nong Nan and Pi Lin, the kids, Neem and Nut. Neem must be abotu 10 and Nut was quite a character, 4 or so. He was in his doggy stage, and crawling on the floor and under the tables. Na Naeng got out his gold necklace, only to be worn at home, silver for public outings, as he doesn't want to get robbed. He had 7 prahs, per necklace.

He's doing well, considering the car accident and injury, which left him with a bag for urine and damage to the fine motor movements. His spinal cord was affected, and there was some infection to the nerve, several years ago.

B, O and R were all at dinner, along with Na Lek and Na Suchin. Nong R and Nong Tom and great buddies, as well as condo mates! Ended up in the same condo, after he got separated, 3 years ago.

Nong R, or Anat, called Pi Pit and got him to talk to everyone around the table, Na Lek's family and Nong Tom. It was really thoughtful of Nong R to do that. I'm glad I had my cell, with Pi Pit's number. Everyone's been asking how Pi Pit is. I hope he gets the chance to come home and meet our family!!

Pi Boom was happy to communicate with Nong Alex, over dinner at Shagrila Restaurant. We had shark fin soup, quail, lobster, pork and 2 ducks. Got teh skin fried, duck meat turned into soup and another dish, not quite identifiable....

Today is Jim and Alex's last day, and my first chance to blog!

Sawasdee from BKK!



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finally got around to reading your blog of your trip to thailand....sounds like everyone had a good time, which is good....
~big bro

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