Monday, July 02, 2007

Detained at Six Flags: for.... a Sharpie pen!

Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio has nazi security detail!

I was detained at Six Flags: for.... a Sharpie pen!
The security guard blocked me in a fenced area, called in 3 burly young men(others from her security posse)for 25-30 minutes, against my will, for
bringing in a permanent ink marker.
Apparently, errant youths use permanent pens to vandalize.
I was livid, so complained to the security chief, who promptly apologized,
and told me actually.... adults over 21 are not
subject to this rule.
I am contemplating a civil suit agaist Six Flags, San Antonio, Texas for this.
But, perhaps blogging and getting the word out will satisfy my ire.
I'n surprised they did not offer comp. tickets, other than profusely
apoligizing. I wanted blood by the time I was done crying in
anger and frustration, once Jim came and got me out of the secure area. So,
I asked for a personal apology from the security guard, who was not a police
officer. I think it's illegal to detain someone for... a Sharpie pen!!!

Luckily, Jim is rational and calm in times such as these!
My poor Dad was called to calm me, but was already so mad I wanted a personal apology and
9 kowtows with her forehead touching the ground for a 10 second count!

Unfortunately, we no longer live in the post Mogul Empire China, and Dragon Queens don't get to weild power without any challenge.

Wonder if I could get Sharpie to buy my story for a commercial, willing to be arrested, for love of lime green Sharpie!

Civil suit may take too much time and energy... but on the other hand, what's the ACLU for, but, illegal detentions... over Sharpie pens! ha ha

La tri sawad,



Blogger Amanda (the librarian) said...

"Unfortunately, we no longer live in the post Mogul Empire China, and Dragon Queens don't get to wield power without any challenge."

Ha! Love it!

Fluff - contact the Six Flags administrative offices, either e-mail or snail mail, and tell them what happened. They will probably comp you somehow. I complained about La Mansion (where we stayed at TLA) on the survey they e-mailed me, and got an e-mail back from the manager comping me a night after their remodel this summer!

Tue Jul 03, 05:57:00 AM PDT


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