Saturday, March 24, 2007

Boom/Bang, Blogs, Balls, Bars and Best Buy

What a weekend! This Saturday started with a bang, literally, for Jim and I. We were watching Mona Lisa Smile, with Julia Roberts, and Jim actually was enjoying this chick flick with me. We got to the part about the chubby girl invading the boys' dorm, and getting her guy! Herself... alas didn't get to see Julia let the lying SOB have it, for pretending to be in the war, WW II, I presume.

We heard a large crash and Boom.. then, we ran out, and sure enough, this poor devil ran head on, into a car parked on the curb...(bad idea, as we've have 2 accidents in 3 years, along the same lines, on our street, Woodcombe Dr.) This chap, with an A & M t-shirt on, cried and apologized profusely. We thought he was drunk, or high, as his behavior was a little erratic, not to mention he never even hit the brakes!! Needless to say, his car is totalled, and so is the car he hit. Sadly, he's divorced, recently, and his wife took their 3 kids...

Added two new blogs to my list, and will add to the list soon. Meadowgreen and Peace Covenant group, for BAUUC and the other for our neighborhood.

Alex and his gang were in a Dodge Ball Tournament at ClearLake High School! They made a good showing, the top seeded team, beat all the upper class men, only to be ousted by the other freshman team in the 4th round!! Alex was the last man in, caught the ball twice, brought in Russel and Chase and they won!! the first round... won the next two, and lost in the Main Draw, as the top seeded team!! Poor kids, they were disappointed. Next year, as this is the second annual Dodge Ball Tournament at CL High! what a fun tradition, we had 20 teams paying 30 bucks per team, and 5 $ per spectator. I think it's a fundraiser for the Project Graduation. The seniors started it last year, post the movie, "Dodge Ball".

Then, off to Taco Milagro Bar and Restaurant, over by the new Best Buy and Borders. We had nachos chips, great salsa with lots of cilantro, fish and pork tacos.

Had a nice chat with the bros, got all of them, Peter, Jessada and my little bro, Isra. Missed Daddy, his line was busy.


Sa baa el nour, arabic

Latri Sawad~


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