Monday, March 12, 2007

Tennis, OA, De Lange and Rodeo!

March is here, and weather is gorgeous here in Houston. Spring is in the air, those with allergies are just miserable, thank goodness for Benedril and the like.

Alex had his friends over, Ian, Russel, Dillan, and Harris. It's hard to get 15 year old boys to go to sleep at a reasonable hour! They decided to power-bomb each other, and I had to monitor them for about an hour at 5 am until they would power-down their computers. They did have a nice LAN going, and behaved for ...the first 10 hours. After that, things got testy. Punches flew and some harsh words exchanged. Jim slept through the whole thing.

Then, Alex got his first job! Joel Hoffman, a friend of ours, offered him a coaching job for 10 bucks an hour! He'll be spoiled now, and never take a minimum wage job!! He's working over Spring Break.

I will be taking my own unilateral Spring Break this Friday, and maybe Wednesday, too. UH(university of houston libraries), my old job, gets Friday off! Lucky ducks!

I went to Rice U for the De Ranged Conference, I mean De Lange Conference. I missed the opening, as I thought it was next week. Thank goodness for NPR, national public radio, and as soon as I heard it was in town, I zoomed up from Galveston to Houston in record time!! Met all my old UNT peeps, see Poom's Pics.

As for osteoarthritis, am fine. Got in some tennis, am trying starvation dieting. Meaning, will eat less, and feel hungry, in order to lose some weight.

Jim, Julie(real name is Bieu), Sitara and I went to the Houston Livestock and Rodeo show to see Pat Green. We had great tickets from USA, $30 bucks! So, I invited Bieu, aka Julie, to come, along with Sitara, who is suffering from spring allergies. Poor thing coughed all night, and Jim got her Benadril at the convenience store. Bieu is from Thailand, and has been here for about a year. She was working in LA, at a Thai restaurant. It's hard to be treated like an indentured servant... but, perhaps more opportunity than back home?!@!

and... my new blog is linked! See Rosenberg Library Blog to the side. It's my first professional blog, and my library's first blog, as well!

Sawasdee, shalom in Thai

Lai la tov, good night in Hebrew


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