Monday, December 04, 2006

CMZ in Austin!

Off to the Champ Major in Austin, and a meeting with Nitya Uthenpong, a Thai UN kid, from
Israel and Cyprus days of UNIFIL, UNTSO, and UNFICYP. She looked great, being one month younger than me, with Hensa, her little 5 year old daughter, and husband Greg.

We reconnected through WBAIS alum. site, and I emailed her brother, Maythee, who went to UT as did all the Uthenpongs.

A mere 3 hour drive from Houston! So we've reconnoitered 3-4 times in the last 5 years since our reunion!

Plus, Alex played his tennis tournament, and Team AJ were all there en masse. Lots of fun, drove up with Chris, and home with PJ. Both boys were great fun to get to know, and poor Chris had to read Animal Farm in one weekend. Better than the last Pre Ap English book, Great Expectations and Jane Eyre! I hated GE, not fond of Dickens at all. Too depressing and loaded with unnecessary detail.

Here's our team, freezing on Sunday, as one of us.. Nicole Murray is now a Super Champ! She won her CMZ tournament, got 64 points, and is now a qualified SC!!!

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