Sunday, March 09, 2008

2 Lake Supers at Berry Creek

Wow, what a weekend!
Alex and Siddarth supered! Bringing our Lake team roster to 7 of 8 now super champs, watch out Katy Taylor!
We brought 4 kids, only one being ours, but, they're all super duper champs in our book, win or lose!
Josh, Krishna, Sid, Alex and Krishna all played well, 4 of 5 made it to the semis, 2 of 5 supered! We were at the Days Inn, with the help of Debra, Josh's Mom and Donna, Cameron's Mom.
Rebecca's grandpa Sincox helped out tremendously, too! Thanks! He drove us to our next site, as Jim, Debra and I were ferrying kids between 4 sites, Berry Creek, Forbes Middle School, Benold and some park.
Jim heads out to Merritt Island to stay with Khun Ta and Khun Yai. Lucky him, gets to enjoy Mom's cooking!


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