Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jalayanakuptas and Tangwiwats

Thanks to Pi B and Pi Chao for taking me, Alex and Jim to the airport, Suwanapoom.

The Asia Hotel was gorgeous, and meeting Jirawich Nathalang at Siam Paragon was going down memory land, Satit Chula 16 rules! They just had their 24 anniversary, lots of fun pics. on disc!

Mod's wife was a hoot, took over the mic, at karaoke.

Na Lek, Na Naeang and the Krainarongs were in full force, along with the Singharaeds. Chatted with Ba Janadda, Loong At's wife, as he passed away last September. almost a month ago.

We went to Bad Lew, Cha Cheung Saw to see the Krainarongs, Khun Yai Eeng, and the uncles and aunts, 16 were born, two sets of twins, who died young. Met Na Jo, Na Eed, Na Oy, Na Daeng, Na Oat, and the 4 cousins, 1 girl and 3 boys, Bow, Paet, Bert and Yok(jade). Robert, Bert that is, is Na Oat's son.

Night for now!


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Any CMZ tennis reports this year?

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