Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bangalore, Delhi, Malaysia and Quezon City

What do these places have in common??? Tech support for Earthlink and Compaq! Talk about frustration, 3 hours with Delhi, 2 with Bangalore, another hour each with Malaysia and the Philippines and was I mad!!!

Paid 65 bucks to get tech. support, they couldn't figure out why I couldn't get IE to open, finally, after pinging my IP and some other fun commands such as regedit, winipconfig, I realized my computer was fine, called the last coupla guys in Malaysia with Earthlink and Mozilla Firefox is now my preferred browser.

I had a magical takeover of my computer, the tech. guy from Malaysia nicely setup my email and all is well!

So, another hour with the Compaq guys, and I got my money back, too!!


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