Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Rosenberg Recovers~

Staff are back, along with the three survivors, John, Carol and Michele. They got the contractors, survived the storm, were there to get the water out, and the first floor has been cleaned out, by ServiceMasters.

Most of us got back to the Rosenberg Library on Monday, Sept. 29th.

I'm back after 2 weeks, and we went to the Moody Methodist Library to check on our book drop and the Rosenberg Library van, which were all in good shape.

Interesting posting:

I wish to issue a strong response to the message from “Disappointed & Concerned.” This individual has no first hand information about the Rosenberg Library—I do. I am head of the Library’s Galveston and Texas History Center and the Museum. Hurricane Ike did not affect these two areas, which are on the Rosenberg Library’s third floor. The historical collections suffered no wind or water damage. Further, I spent 2½ hours examining the Galveston and Texas History Center’s archives, which shows no signs of mold infestation. Before the storm made landfall, my staff made extensive preparations to protect and secure our artifacts and historical documents. The Museum staff removed valuable paintings, as well as the shadow box from the first floor Children’s Department, to the third floor. The Galveston and Texas History Center staff moved all archival materials to the vault and secured valuable documents by covering shelves with tarpaulins. Staff accomplished these tasks in a narrow time window. They completed preparations late Thursday morning, when the Mayor of Galveston had already ordered a mandatory evacuation. Finally, I wish to refute the anonymous author’s uninformed allegation of John Augelli’s “lack of planning and leadership.” At his behest, the Library undertook various storm protection improvements over the past several years. Before the storm, he had the Rosenberg Library’s employees execute a comprehensive Hurricane Preparedness Policy. At risk to himself, he stayed in the Library during the hurricane. At the conclusion of the storm, he took fast action in making arrangements to have flood water removed and mold remediated on the first floor. He also arranged with another contractor to provide air conditioning to the upper floors. Mr. Augelli has been in close touch daily with the laborious cleaning process. I know firsthand that John Augelli cares deeply for the Rosenberg Library and its magnificent collections. He values the Library’s historical treasures. I’m fully confident he’s doing everything that can be done to protect the Rosenberg Library and return it to full function. Casey Edward Greene, Head of Special Collections, Rosenberg Library


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