Friday, April 13, 2007

UNT fiasco in the Needle!

Our alumni reception/dinner, cost us 20 bucks was a fiasco!

There were lines half an hour long to take the elevator, we were in with 3 other groups and it was noisy, too crowded and ... food was not great.

We were in the public observatory, which is below the restaurant, owned by Landry's. We thought we'd be in the restaurant, which revolves very slowly around the tower. Pat insisted we go see it, and was a good idea, after all, as ... was nice to see the gorgeous restaurant, and wished that our venue was actually there.

Poor Dean Totten tried to speak, but.. was very hard to hear him.

Met Chaney, Paige, Theresa, Amanda, Rosaelanna and many more UNT 2000-2006 grads. Who knew there was a TRCC cataloging RT, in TLA? I didn't. Now must join, as Theresa insists all good catalogers do.

Ciao for now,

San Anton

Dallas 2008! TLA that is.

TLA 2007 in San Antonio

Live from San Antonio~

Here I am with Pat De Winne, my peep from the Thailand Twelve, me, Carol, Phil, Kat, Dina, Ame, Penny, Christa, Barb, Suzie and Mary who went to Phuket with UNT.

I met John, Barbara, Catherine and Dean Rooks! She was presenting at:
If they love us, why are libraries so irrelevant? Dean Rooks argues that we aren't irrelevant to those who love us.

Interestingly, in the OCLC's Environmental Scan, Developing Patterns in the Information Landscape, Mr. Needham asserted, what's old is new again, in that the last library survey he has looked at, in library school, many moons ago, 1947-1950, the services patrons wanted was:

More books

More films

More club/community rooms

Just what they want today, in a different format!

Our Dr. Simpson presented on Ethical Dilemnas as did our drs. Moen and Miksa on cataloging and FRBR. Go eagles!

Dr. Miksa touched on copy cataloging, and how it's not really cataloging! She has not been in the cataloging trenches with the public library catalogers, who do about 80% copy cataloging!!

One more day, and ... news of Alex:

Freshman District Singles Tennis Champ!!

Sawasdee from San Anton!